Website Design

To many, web design and deployment sounds like something you would never want to tackle on your own. The very language and terminologies are foreign and very intimidating to you.

Do any of these apply?

• Do not have a website… know what you want but you don’t know how to make it happen?
• Your current website is not visible on Apple products?
• Want to keep your costs to a minimum & see a “return on investment” on your website?
• Paying more than $300 per year maintaining your website ?
• Simple design changes are expensive, high minimum or monthly charges??
• Design changes take too much time and often not implemented correctly?
• Paying more than $80 per year in Domain & Hosting fees?
• You currently maintain your own website but you don’t have the time or patience?
• Your current designer application is slow, hard to use and not intuitive?
• Your current website design is “owned” by your web design company?
• Are you being locked into a long term contract?

Here is where OCS can help.


Working one on one with you, we pull together all text and artwork you’d like to display on your web site. Then we lay out a general markup design of each page. Using a popular low cost web designing software we will pick a design template that best fits your line of business.

Develop & Test:

Next I will design and deploy to my web server your web design using your artwork and text. Once you agree that it exactly meets your needs (per your on going review of the web site on my temporary web server) we are ready to deploy to your web server.

Hosting Service:

If you do not already have a Domain and web server hosting service, we can to decide which of the many web hosting services will fit your budget and functional needs. Setting up a hosting service and Domain can be very confusing to the beginner. During our one on one session, I will assist and show you how to set up the chosen web hosting service. Together we will to search for an appropriate Domain name, purchase the Domain and web hosting service. We can also set up email addresses as required for your business.

Web Site Design Transfer:

I will demonstrate and train you how to use the web design software so you can deploy your new web site. I will help you purchase the web design software and install on your computer. I will copy your web site design to your machine and set up your host FTP connection so you can deploy changes when ever you like.