After retiring from IBM with 31 years of service, in July of 2005 I began “OCS”. I immediately acquired a large client that needed a custom database to control their manufactured product tracking, service order creation and tracking, inventory
┬ácontrol, invoicing, accounts payable etc.. The project ended in November of 2010 after an investment of 5,322 hours over the 5 years of database development\programming work. Large projects such as this are few and far between in today’s economy so I began rebuilding my web site to communicate my services to others. In doing so I researched 5 different web designer packages and found the absolute best one to refer to my small business clients. I began web site development and deployment mostly through word of mouth. Home Owner Associations, Metal Fabrication, CPA Services, Home-Auto Insurance, IT Service Provider and Property Management and Home Owner Associations are among my clients.

Of all the jobs I have held over the years, I get the most enjoyment from helping small business owners, build and deploy their own web sites. What a joy it is to help others build their own custom web site for the least possible investment with the largest possible return on investment. My clients never again have to pay an expensive web site developer every time they need a change to their web site. They are also free from the large monthly charges that come with the web based web site designer packages offered by many web site providers… Be careful of them, many charge over $100 a year for their use in addition to domain name & storage charges.